Split Pre-cueing/main on Headphone jack While simultaneously main is also on USB or Bluetooth.

DJay should let me split pre cue on headphone jack while still using usb or bluetooth as main out. DJAY Pro 1.2.1 on MACBook Pro: I have an external Behringer USB soundcard. My main out is set to this USB driver. With that said I would like to configure the pre cueing to be split on headphone jack. So left ear is L+R Pre-cueing and right ear is L+R (duplication of main out). Instead I had to build a crazy cable that plugs into my MAC headphone jack and also Plugs into my external sound card headphone jack out then the headphone plug into my funky cable. Software fix would be so much easier. I could use the Griffin solution but I want to use my external sound mixer instead of the MAC as my sound driver.

Close but no cigar. In you example I want main out to be Deck. Just like you have it. but the builtin output i want to have pre cueing in one ear and main out in the other. I want one headphone. left ear playing pre-cue and right ear main out. basically let me still do split on built in output while simultaneously doing main out to Deck.

Just because I select split for pre cueing should not stop me from doing main out to another source.

I did some playing around with this. I think I can work with this.

Hi there, 

it is possible to pre cue via the MacBook, see the attached screenshot. “DECK” is a bluetooth speaker and i use the built in headphone jack for pre cueing.

I hope this helps to explain things. Please contact us right away if this is not helping.

Lukas E.

Hi Daniel,

in order to do so you would need a headphone that can work with two sound signals and map them on each ear. The easiest way to work around your problem would be to pre cue via your headphones with one ear and match this to the main output by listening to your speakers.

Also another way to work around your pre cueing problem would be to setup the “CUE - MIX” option (see attached screenshot).

I hope this helps to explain things, if you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lukas E.