Splitter cable not working properly

Hi guys, my problem is that, when I use my splitter cable with djay for mac or for iPad, and I activate de monitor in one side, it works like if monitoring is disabled, and when I deactivate it, it works like activated. So, I hear it through my headphones and my speaker when it’s activated and only through speakers when deactivated. Just the opposite way. What can I do?
Sorry for my bad english

I also have this issue. What am I doing wrong? Please help!

Hi Warren. Thanks for your prompt reply. After further reading & Googling, I realised I need the Griffin splitter cable made especially for djay. I was trying a headphone splitter (just because I had one) & was getting the same sound in both headphones & speakers. I think everything will all work out when the djay cable arrives later in the week. I have djay for Mac & iPad but mainly want to use it for Mac, for now. Thanks!

Hi Natasha,

Please kindly provide more information so we can better assist you.

  • Do you have djay for Mac, iPad or iPhone?
  • Which djay version do you have?
  • Which split cable are you using?
  • Is “Split Output” enabled in the settings?
  • What exactly do you hear on both outputs?

Ah ok, that’s right. Let me know if anything else comes up.

What are you using as split cable?

Hi Warren,

I had the same issue that Natasha and Dante described, no matter how I adjust the cue volume between cue and mix, I can still hear both channels on my headphones and speakers. Even with the crossfader all the way on Channel 2, I can still hear the song I’m queueing on Channel 1 :frowning:

I do receive the split output message on startup, I have tried with mono audio enabled and disabled, restarted the app with each, and there is still leakage as if there is no crossfader. If you have any suggestions I really appreciate it!