Splitter for IPad.

I use my IPad in conjunction with my two SL1200’s. My headphones plug into my analogue mixer. My mixer has three channels (SL1200 + IPad+ SL1200) I want to be able to split the signal from my IPad so I can cue a track while playing a track out loud. I imagine I need to get a four channel mixer so I can split the IPad into 2 but Ive tried this and it doesn’t work ie maybe I’m using the wrong splitter
Help me please. I hope I have made myself clear

Hi @shweetbru,

Yeah, you should be able to use a splitter cable (*) and send the master output to one deck and the pre-cue output to another deck that you only use to pre-cue the iPad’s output. Yes, you’d need a 4-Deck mixer. You could also do this on a Controller with line inputs like the DDJ-RX, DDJ-SX…

(*) The splitter cable needs to be stereo-to-2-mono outputs. When you have the spit-output option enabled in the djay settings the master and pre-cue channels will be made mono and sent to separate stereo channels.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, G

Thank you Guillermo. So if I buy the controller and it works with my IPad but I am still using my analogue mixer because I’m using vinyl turntables will I need two pairs of headphones i.e one for the analogue mixer and one for the controller?

I want to be able to cue both turntables and both DJay decks with one pair of headphones

No, you won’t need two mixers or two headphones. You’d simply use the pre-cue headphones connected to your controller/mixer.

Hope I could help.

Cheers, G