spotify account not logging in

i have spotify premium account . i jus downloaded dj pro 2 for my Mac Air, and it dont log in at all… i restarted my laptop several times , i even logged into spotify thru my iphone and access spotify using dj pro on my iphone and works perfectly but when i try the same thing thru my Mac laptop it dont respond when i hit log in / enter… i even tried signing up as a new spotify user and same thing … need helppppp… i paid alot of moeny for this program and the main reason for it was to use the spotify music

thank you

Hi there,

is it possible that your Mac is running macOS 10.12?

There is a known issue that you can not log into Spotify under macOS 10.12, thank you for pointing this out.

We want to apologise for this inconvenience. Updating your system will fix this right away, also our next djay update will contain a solution for the problem.

The feedback of our users is very valuable to us, if you are confronted with an issue like that please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hi Jari,

please update to djay Pro 2.0.10 the issue is now fixed :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

i am also having this problem.

accounts not logging in also

I paid a fortune about my MacBook pro in 2010 and it still works well for me, but I can’t upgrade the macOS any higher level than 10.12. Is there any other solution to this problem?

I have the same issue. With 1.4.5 @ OSX10.12.6

I am having the same issue. I have osx 10.12.6 and DJ pro v1.4.5. If I upgrade my operating system, will this fix the issue? Also, if I do upgrade, will this 1.4.5 work or will I have to upgrade to 2.0? I try to update and it says I am up to latest version. Are you then saying I have to purchase 2.0?

when will there be a release of update for dj pro?