Spotify and djay2 for the iPad

First off love the app. I just had a few questions about Spotify and djay2 for the iPad. I noticed that when you are searching for a song in the Spotify library, you aren’t able to tap the BPM on the right to jump to a certain BPM like you can with the iTunes. Also when you create a queue with songs from Spotify and iTunes you are not able to sort by BPM. Are these features going to be available eventually? Also I was wondering if you are working on an easier way to search for Spotify songs. For instance, when I don’t have time to scroll for a song in iTunes I can search for it very easily. In Spotify the search results display multiple songs and multiples of the same song. If you don’t select the right song you won’t have your queue points saved and it can be kinda stressful when you are pressed on time especially for a beginner like me. I appreciate the time.