Spotify and InterAppAudio


I am using djay on my iPad and the Luminair app for controlling some ambient lights in my house (DMX controlled LED strips hidden in the stucco + some Phillips HUE Lights).
Lightchanging speed and pattern are controlled by Luminair via InterAppAudio (Luminair registers with djay and you can see the Luminair icon in djay in the position of the red record button.

The problem now is, that this setup works with locally stored iTunes music but not with songs played via spotfy integration. This is a real drawback for me since I decided to move a way from locally stored music only using streaming services. That’s why I decided to built my solution around the Spotify integrated djay app (possibility of interappaudio coimbined with Spotify and Luminair).

I understand that there might be copyright restrictions which make it necessary not to route spotifysongs via InterAppAudio, but not all such apps are able to record these songs.
Couldn’t you just implement a solution where you check the registering interaudioapp and explicitly prohibit or allow the registering app and allow Luminair to get the needed bpm information for syncing lights to music?