Spotify beat matching issues


For some reason many trance tracks i use in djay 2 seem to re-adjust their beat mapping randomly. I’ll have track a playing & the yellow line represents beat 1, cue up track 2 on the beat 1. Many times track a will adjust itself so the yellow line does not represent beat 1. Confused & pissed off.

Please help.

Thanks gregg, we’ll look into these.

Hi Gisco,

Sorry to hear that. Can you perhaps name an example so we can take a look into it?

Generally speaking, djay 2 does not support “varying downbeats”, the app just detects the downbeat once and then re-applies it every 4 beats till the end of the song. Most likely, the song itself changes the downbeat at some point. This is not uncommon especially with certain genres.

Hello. Here are some examples of tracks from spotify that seem to suffer when trying to sync & the timing the issue impacts.

Darren Porter - terraforming original Mix 03.41
James Dymond - sirens song original mix 03.57
A.r.d.I - wrong turn original mix 03.44
Daniel Kandi - premonition ardi mix 04.01
A.r.d.I - dark side original mix 02.01
A.r.d.I - supernatural original mix 03.27
A.r.d.I - addicted original mix 03.54
Sebastian Brandt - ashes original mix 04.38

These are just a few examples of the issue. The songs start with their beats in sync but over time the beats drift versus where the grid lines are.


Thank you for sharing these songs, we analysed them with djay Pro (Mac and iPad) which are using another analysation algorithm and the songs are analysed correctly.

Using djay Pro would fix this issue, have you guys checked it out?

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lukas E.