Spotify Browse and Match stopped working properly.

Just run into a horrible problem. This was working fine 20 mins ago, but all of a sudden I can’t access the genre lists on the Browse tab.

All the tracks within the genre folders in the Browser section now say “Loading…”.
They gradually start to populate loading a song name every 3 mins or so.

If I click on a song it says “Track not available, The Spotify Track is not available in your country.”

However If I search for a song then load it, it loads fine.

Also match no longer loads anything, just a swirling circle.

All my accounts are configured to be in the UK on my iPad, have tried rebooting and clearing caches etc. I even tried reinstalling djay.

Running iOS 8.1.1

Please help guys this is killing me.

Alex, sorry for the late reply but I’m glad to hear that you got it figured out on your own. If anything else comes up just let us know.

By the way, if you have any urgent questions, please also feel free to email us directly - support(at)

This is why dj’s should BUY THEIR MUSIC and not rely on this service.

What do you do when it stops working? You are screwed.

This is NO WAY to dj professionally!

What do decks have to do with bringing and buying your music?

So, it was more convenient to dj with an iPad over a Macbook? Makes no sense.

What licensing restrictions?

Last post from support was 7 days ago… just saying.

Again, it’s easier to bring an iPad over a Macbook Pro?


WE are so mad because no updates to the software, they release toy products before pro products, terrible support… Shall I continue?

This was for a small house party where I didn’t want to bring my decks with me, makes more sense to use Spotify in this scenario.

Also I fixed it, must have been my iPad. Restored latest ios version and everything started working again.

Of course this isn’t a way to DJ professionally, its a bit of fun. Also I think licensing restrictions would make this app illegal at a real rave or club.

Well decks and records are a lot harder to transport than an ipad. So yeah it is more convenient.

Also if you could read you’d see I fixed the problem.

In the UK there’s such a thing called a PPL, a venue needs one to play pre recorded music.

Why you so mad bro?


^^ this guys mad coz all the cool DJ names where obviously taken :slight_smile: