Spotify can hold songs offline - but Djay2 will not access them while offline. Is there a setting?

Set a playlist to use offline in spotify. It works fine while offline in Spotify, but when I try to access it offline from djay2 for Ipad, it doesn’t allow me. Is there a workaround or setting change?

No, not alowed.

Please note that due to “sandboxing”, a security feature on iOS, apps have absolutely no access to each other’s workspace. This means that djay has no access to the songs you download in the Spotify app. These songs are only available for the Spotify app itself. djay currently has no way to support offline playlists but we are aware of this request and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out.

Djay should make it clear in its marketing that it can only access Spotify’s online music, not Spotify’s downloaded (offline) music.

Hi there,

we are sorry to tell you that we still can’t support Spotify offline.

Lukas E.

Any update on this? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or are we still in Sandbox hell?

Yes…update please :frowning:

why not change the OSX app at least? It does not have these restrictions I thought or am i wrong…

Does this restriction counts for Win 10 also ?
It’s a total different OS

It’s a joke! You make Promotion for DJpro , i buy it, and now, i read all this with Spotify! It dosn’t work offline. Thank you Guys! Possible, that you tell me, why i buy this Software from you? In App Store, i read nothing about this Problem. That is not a right Business and looks like bad Marketing from your Side. Nice! Tomorow Party, but, no Work with my DDJ Pioneer and Spotify Offline in Djpro. Good Job Algorithmen!!!

Have just bought DJPro for a party at the weekend where Wifi is non-existent. Is it still true that DJPro doesnt support offline Spotify playlists?
If so, then my purchase is a total waste of money as I wont be able to use it for the event and I would like to apply for a refund.
Software looks great otherwise but useless for the event I bought it for.
Many thanks
Rob Burchell

bla bla offline playlist support now thats it…if you dj pro license and spotify premiun…what else are we supose to need…stop been there doing nothing and do what you have to do…


Could it perhaps be made posible to download a spotify playlist inside the dj pro app with limited aces? Offline available for 24 hours for example, or load playlist in to que list when online… it would be fantastic!!

Realy love the app! works great On iPad pro with reloop controller!!

Greetings Jef