Spotify & DJAY won't work after July1 2020.

Digging a bit deeper I found that Spotify’s licensing prohibits the streaming or caching of two tracks simultaneously and their ToS states “You may not, and you may not permit any device or system used in connection with the Spotify service to, segue, mix, re-mix, or overlap any Spotify Content with any other audio content (including other Spoftify Content)”

Despite this, they have had their relationship with Algoriddim for around six years, so I wonder what has changed their stance now. Commercial pressures I guess.

Perhaps they could get a new license to cover this scenario and add an extra tier of subscription for DJs to help cover the cost. I would happily pay a reasonable amount to continue with the convenience and library of Spotify.

Feel likes they’re missing a commercial trick here and I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose a load of Premium subs over this.

I will miss it, as I do have cd’s and stuff from 80’s - 90’s, but a as all around dj, most of my rock, metal, pop tunes are on spotify.
Currently around 450 playlists, so moving them to Tidal will be painfull and take a lot of time :smiley:

I’ve been playing around with my DjayPro almost daily during couple of weeks now and haven’t seen this pop up at all and 100% of my songs are from Spotify.

Just a stupid question: have someone saw this pop up?’
Anyone ?
I would have assumed that all users should have seen it, why have’t you reported it to this thread at all? Or ?

This screenshot is fake. Nobody else is seeing it except you. Please stop lying and wasting everyone’s time.

Just got this answer from @SpotifyCares customer support:

 Hey there! We currently don’t have much info on this, but rest assured that your feedback matters. We’ll have everyone updated once we’ve made some changes. If you have any other questions, let us know

Send them your request too!
let’s make some pressure not just complain.

Ok, let me pack my case with thousands of vinyl and cassetes too. Also, bring me my typewriter machine. Lol. A few square meters on djay booth just to lay my records case!
C’mon friends! It’s 2020 and streaming is the way to go!
p.s. i have a 5000 CD’s collection. What a waste of money! Let’s just face reality.

Did you try Tidal already?

I’ll cancel mine!

Great so I purchased the DJay 2 app for my ipad, use spotify and purchased a wego4 mixer.  Algoriddim say on their website they are not updating their legacy products (but offer some BS special offer to upgrade to their over blotted “pro” version) - a complete curse on both spotify and Algoriddims houses!!! they will both loose my business and I guess I will just flog my wego4 on ebay as I doubt pioneer will be of any help… why is life so constantly rubbish???

Back to rekordbox for me

I think spotify is going. Nobody has chipped in from algoriddim!! They have added the other streaming platforms to replace spotify otherwise this app will be floored.

Wanna sell me a copy of that hard drive mate haha?

So not very well integrated then…

This is exactly why i would like a copy of your hard-drive lol i strive for quality rips i can’t stand bad quality.

I bought vinyl for years and years, absolutely love turntables and vinyl (you cannot compare that crisp sound on a vinyl). However this was a personal genre of music which was massive in the clubs where i grew up (dreams of being a superstar dj) and sadly the scene died. I still do have my full collection of vinyl which i love and will never get rid of. Fast forward a few years and digital music i was collecting alot of. mt laptop which sadly took the knock and i never had any back-up (yes what a fool, but i was stupid back then and not really feeling the digital dj more that the analogue) was in the tip. Lost all my material. I never really got back into collecting music as i felt i had lost years and years which i would never be able to get back. I gave the dj game up and disappeared into thin air.

I am now back with a new kind of outlook on the game, i am now interested in the digital side of life. This has pushed me into purchasing an ipad pro and djay pro/djay 2 but obviously with a spotify subscription, as i could never build a collection back up as big as you. I would like to but its impossible really. Spotify has it all and then some, however you cannot compare a perfectly ripped library of music to spotify for obvious reasons. The hard copies will always win!!!

Your in exactly the same boat as me. Although stupid me went out and bought an ipad pro just to use djay as my older ipad was not allowed to update to the new app and they recommended i upgrade ipad and now am absolutely screwed. Thanks algoriddim

I’m the one who took the screenshot and I can assure you it is not fake. I even clicked on the learn more button and it took me to a blank page. I’m guessing they will be dropping spotify from the djay 2 android version since djay 2 is crappy on android anyway but it makes me wonder with the news of tidal and soundcloud could they be dropping spotify from ios too in the near future…

You can believe what you want to believe but the screenshot is real. The only reason why I posted it in the 1st place was to learn more, not cause a panic.

I only seen it 2 times and that was last Saturday. I haven’t seen it since.

Not until I get an apology.