Spotify & DJAY won't work after July1 2020.

This Pic is from the Facebook DJAY User-Group.

So sad :frowning:

Please explain your odd statement. Algoriddim has mentioned in numerous places in their software and on the website that this integration will die. It’s the whole reason for the addition of Tidal and SoundCloud Go+ as alternatives.

450 playlists will take a few hours with Soundiiz or Tunemymusic, just a few clicks from your side and then mostly waiting and hoping for a good match rate.

Already moved to Tidal. And as a Fallback I’m also using Serato DJ Pro as it came with my Mixon 4 controller and also has Tidal/SoundCloud Go+. djay Pro for Windows is just too far behind the Mac version of djay Pro or even Serato for Windows.

How come you are the only one seeing this? I am not getting the message.

I don’t like the way this is being handled. Algoriddim positions Djay as a professional tool. People are using it with Spotify to make money. If you have countless hours invested in creating playlists, cues, etc. Algoriddim can’t just tell you something like ‘next month it’s over’. They have a responsibility.

If the screenshot means nothing, please say so. If not, and the silence is telling IMHO, please come forward with the current status so DJs can at least make informed decisions.

A responsible company does not hide.

Different discussion.

Even as a non-pro, if I have been - and still am - putting a lot of time into something that’s going to be discontinued any time soon, they should clear things up.

My private time is also valuable.

Here’s the official post: 

If you’re using Spotify commercially then you’re in breach of it’s terms an dconditions. If this is true, then it shouldn’t make any difference to professional DJs acting legally.

No official info! But look at the Screenshot – it says everything. How algoriddim handle this is very terrible… They should tell their loyal customers the truth – but if you ask them over the support they only say the won’t speak about spotify… VERY UNCOOL!!! But you can guess what this reaction will mean…

You think the Screenshot is fake? 

I am not on Facebook. Can you please give me a short overview? Are we loosing spotify access?

Look into Soundiiz…it can copy playlists from one platform to another, and keep them in sync…a paid service, but worth every penny…

I could care less about the removal of Spotify. Their loss if they want to leave DjayPro… They will lose some subscriptions… well just a few…

As long as they have some integrated streaming service for the odd request I’m still on board!

I have over 80,000 songs on my hard drive (well in actuality much more than that), so, I always have what I really need. I adds songs if needed for each gig… In truth, I typically use less than 200 for any gig, it seems to always be from the same pool of 500 songs. Each year the pool varies but never exceeds 500 songs…

This isn’t a big deal at all - no DJ Software will likely be able to use Spotify, if they walk away from DjayPro… 

Serato, which I own isn’t better across the board than this software. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. 

I use both depending on the nature of the gig.

Fake news or not - no big thang for professionals that buy their music.

Right - I should add that 80% of the tracks are pre-2000. I’ve been buying music for years. So, you may only need 20% of what’s on my drive.

When one pauses to think about it, some of us have some serious money invested in music. 

I started going to places like Good Will to buy used CD’s. I’ll often find some gems, and get RED BOOK CD quality rips to wave. Most CD"s have 2-3 Songs that I actually can use, making my average song / track cost around 60-cents, and higher quality than iTunes, which cost 3 x that after tax.

Most of my music is from store bough CD’s ripped to wave. They sound much better on my system, which is very revealing for a PA setup.

I am currently using a pair of FBT Mitus A114’s and a pair of FBT Subline A218’s, with an outboard DSP processors. MP3 vs CD or good rips to wave are audible different to anyone that I have played back-to-back demos for.

So, I am in love with my library. 99% of it is high quality rips. Years of love in developing it.

This being said, if it wasn’t illegal, I’d say just send me a hard drive and I would copy my folders on to it…

Coffee, did someone say coffee! Man I could use some at this moment. 

Hey Terry, I was being a little cheeky… The pool of DJay users using Spotify, in percentage to the general market users is likely less than 1%.

Of this 1% say, less than 10% of this 1% will likely cancel their Spotify account over them pulling it from DJay software, if you will.

Spotify is now ramping up their appeal to Businesses to run adds, as to increase their revenue stream. DJs don’t play ads, but rather we bring legal contention to their service provisions. 

So, we got to go…

And lets be honest, it is a drag not to be able to say - Sorry, I don’t have that song; when we are trying to duck playing a request. Everyone know that DJs now can stream live… this gives that story back to us.

Honestly, we all have more than enough songs with us to rock any party, not having a requested song is never a big deal, unless they requested it before and you don’t arrive on property with it. In such cases one just takes it on the chin…

If Spotify goes, I personally won’t miss it!

I love it - A few square meters - there was a time…

Waste of money - It may seem a bit like that on the surface…

I could have bought myself at least one very nice Mercedes, but instead I have a pile of CDs collecting dust. Perhaps that’s better than owning one rusted Mercedes. 

After all, I have made close to a million dollars in revenue over the years DJing on weekends; and wait, I’ve used it to buy 4 - Mercedes and some income properties. And the music, if you will.

But lets be truly serious - we all left the weight CDs and Vinyl behind 10-years ago or more, even the diehards… we transferred all of our must have music to hard drives. Which today, require  .0008605 square feet.

As a professional, one should never rely on an internet connection to a remote music server. If one does, their show will get interrupted from time to time. 

Your laptop is a local server if you will, and we even have trouble with them from time to time.

Streaming is awesome, no question, but it isn’t  always stable and therefore it is more professional to keep your music with you on property, if you will.

An interesting point however, I have my entire music library on a dedicated, personal server (D-LINK - $200.00) that I can remote into from anywhere in the world and there are no monthly fees. I have over 6 terabytes of audio stored on it. I can and do have a part of the servers drive linked to a FREE Google drive (15-gigs for FREE), and have installed Google Drive on my Laptop, and have added the Google Drive folder to DJay Pro 2 library. In this way I can make changes for gigs while at home or while traveling without messing with my actual DJ library or having need of my actual DJ Laptop, if you will. Then when I open my laptop before I leave my house on the day of the gig, all the folder automatically update and download into my laptop. This is how I add songs that were requested prior to my gig. If after playing them, I feel they belong in my permanent DJ Library, I transfer them.

This way, my DJ Music Library remains impeccably curated; and I am never without a song that really must be played.

But then, yes, there is Spotify for those _ rare _ moments that I don’t have a song that really must be played, but this only happens at weddings and Christmas Party’s.

And for such rare moments, if not Spotify it will be Tidal or the alike that I use.

DJay PRO current product offerings, offer the most integrated streaming services, so what if it loses Spotify, its not like any other DJ software has it Integrated.

I love using this software for Weddings and Christmas Parties. Nigh Club gigs I still use Serato -old habit. I can and have use DJay Pro 2 without issue, I have even used VDJ without issue. They are all awesome platforms, for mixing live. On the streaming side, and interface - nothing currently touches any Algoriddim offerings. 

Streaming is a huge after though to all DJ mixing software packages. Why - well for one: latency issues, for two: assured connectivity issues, and thirdly: sound quality issues. Lets not also forget the legal issues…

Have you ever tried to mashup 40 plus songs in under 5-minutes using Spotify - I have it doesn’t work. Especially when you are ripping through less than 32-bars for some songs and running 4-decks deep. You need the music on your local drive for this level of performance.

As also mentioned most of my music is ripped from CD to wave, which sounds better than the standard Spotify streaming bandwidth settings. No one is streaming 16bit 44KHz RED BOOK audio through any DJ software yet. And when they do bandwidth and network stability will become even more of an issue.

Not one single headlining DJ, streams any of the songs used within their mixes - think about that. Not one!

450 Playlists - yup - moving that to Tidal will be a time sucker, but at least it can be done! 

You know where i have really used Spotify, it has been at Weddings for Cocktail and Dinner music. It really lets you build custom sets very quickly, and for FREE, if you will.

I have about 60 of such sets built. I just play them using the native Spotify player, which permits me to download and use offline. Works perfectly during these periods.

I will always have Spotify for this. In this same way, newlyweds can just send me URL for Spotify playlists that they created, and I’ll play those in same.

Just set the automix fad time to 12-seconds and Bob’s your uncle.

Glad to read that you’re back in the game. I personally love it. My weekends are always filled with fresh new faces, and people looking to celebrate and dance.

Going digital, opens you to a whole new world of mixing/production possibilities. They’re endless really.

Using an iPad Pro with djay pro 3 is really the next level. I have 3 on my ipad but I use 2 on my MacBook. I just play around with 3 on my iPads for personal background mixes at the house. The automix feature with cue point mixing enabled permits serious automix capabilities. Enable Morph as well, and it’s the ‘Best’ I’ve seen. 

You might want to consider making the monthly investment into djay 3.

If it was legal, I’d give you all of my music.

just tried 2.1 and I’m very surprised on how good Tidal is integrated in Djay pro 2.1! Exept that HiFi sound quality refuse to load!