Spotify error


I’m usine djay2 with spotify, but tonight il doesn’t work.
I’ve 2 messages “…Check tour connection” or “général login error”

I already logout, uninstall djay…but Nothing, the playlists appears well, but impossible to listen a song. Djay2 Works perfectely with Spotify until One or two Hours,

Please I need help, I will use Djay at a Birthday

IPad iOS 10.0.2

Hi guys,

EDIT:A large scale hacker attack made servers from various companies including Spotify, Twitter, New York Times, and many others unavailable for many users around the world this weekend. You can read more about it here:

Unfortunately this included Spotify servers used by djay to load songs from the Spotify library, which is why you received the error. From what I read the attack is now under control and the sites available again, so you should no longer receive the error in djay.

Lukas E.

Yes, that’s Workshop today !

Fucked up. Spent 50 hard euro’s on this. You’d expect professional software for that amount…Please help us figure out how to fix the issue, we got a gig to play in 2 hours. ADE man…have some respect.

Spotify hit with ddos attacks today.

Might be the issue.

Same problem. I have to make a mix for next friday. Very bad.

I have the same problem and i’m playing at a wedding tomorrow…

same problem was playing last night on it…i can see my playlists but it keeps saying “cannot connect to spottily”

This has happened a few times to me now always when Djing on a Friday night. Prompted me to purchase a larger capacity Ipad now and keep plenty of stuff on back up!! Ive been using Spotify/Djay Pro for over a year now and no problems until the last two weeks.

No, it still does not work :-((