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Within Spotify, they have an idea exchange option in their community area. You need 500 votes to be cinsidered. Last time someone tried, he only got like 386 votes to bring back Spotify. Could Djay initiate a vote to get 500 users in an effort to try and bring back Spotify? I feel you all could get atleast 10,000 with a FB/YouTube push. Just a thought.


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I would vote for that in a heart beat

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Spotify appear to be working on their own DJ application. Despite the move to tidal so I could continue to use DJay, I still have a Spotify account.

I completed a questionnaire from within the Spotify app 4 days ago. The questionnaire implied that they are working on their own application for dj’s. Think it was called Spotify Go, or something similar. The questions were focused around what equipment I use for dj’ing, whether I’m paid for it etc.

They also asked if I would be prepared to pay £9.99 a month such and application.

It seems that it will have an algorithm to focus on auto mixing, but the user can take control.

Doesn’t sound like my sort of thing, but I did leave feedback asking them to allow other apps such as DJay to use their streaming platform.


Thanks for the update. They could have monopolized the DJ streaming game, but chooses this instead thinking they can do better…LOL

They could make more by offering offline DJing for $20-25.

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Yes it’s ludicrous for them to think they’ll be able to deliver something that serous DJ’s will actually want to use. Controller support, DVS etc is an industry in its own right. I can’t see it having anywhere near the features of the established apps such as DJay.

It will be an interesting one to see how it plays out.

I suppose the issue with off line songs is that to allow a third party to use those files it creates a security issue for there content. The DJ application would be responsible for managing the offline files, which puts it out of Spotifys control.

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That would certainly be too expensive for many. Such prices are also called at Beatport/Beatsource and often criticized. It really only makes sense if you are a highly professional DJ and regularly earn your money with DJing. And especially in this area, many DJs still do not rely on DJay Pro, but on other long-established solutions such as Rekordbox or Serato.
I like Djay Pro, but I think we are a small minority.

Streaming is the future, and Spotify is the leader. It’s basically the same price as download services plus the added streaming element. The first major service to offer offline will corner the market. Pulselocker was ahead of it’s time, and had even more songs than Spotify.

What I think is that we don’t really know what kind of relations Spotify has with record labels.

I’m thinkin that only reason why Spotify stopped supporting dj apps was that their agreements with record companies doesn’t allow to use/stream music in other apps than spotify own or spotify web page player.

So we can’t do much if Spotify and record labels haven’t agreed how music is used and streamed.

I get what you are saying here, but I think that excuse was a load of rubbish when it came out. I’m getting 99.9% of the same songs via tidal that I had on Spotify, same artists etc. I personally think the reason they pulled DJ app support was because they had commenced work on their own ‘DJ’ platform. Which lets not forget will also be able to stream two (or more) songs simultaneously.


I canceled my premium subscription with Spotify and in the comments section where they ask you why you are leaving, I wrote because of they were no longer supporting Algoriddim Djay app and I would gladly return if they began supporting


Hi @E_Flem,

Thanks for the suggestion!

While we have not heard any news about Spotify opening support back up to third party applications like djay we appreciate all of your support.

Please continue to post your feedback in the community!

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Don’t know about the idea exchange, but once I have exchanged my whole Spotify Playlist to the Apple Music with the help of a great tool called MusConv. Do check it out.

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