Spotify integration and connection fail

Hi there,

i’ve downloaded djay2 on my iphone 5s. I have tried to add song and connect to my spotify premium account, but unfortunately it just give me a sign of wrong user and wrong password all the time. I have tried this for about 5 or 6 times, and it seems not to work at all. Is anyone having this issue as well? or know how to solve it?



Please try resetting your password here:

Hi Clayton,

Please try the following:

  1. open the music library in djay by tapping the load button in the upper corner of the turntables
  2. switch to Spotify as described here:…
  3. login with your Spotify Premium account

Note that you can either login via Facebook OR email/username. This depends on whether you use Facebook with Spotify or not. If your Spotify account is connected to your Facebook account, all you need to do then is press the Facebook button on the login page.

Glad to hear that.

Spotify integration is currently only available on djay 2 for iPad and iPhone, sorry.

Hi Jonathan, please post further comments regarding this issue here:…

Hi Marcio, please post further comments regarding this issue here:…

Same problem here, thats very annoying. Im using Facebook login too, is that related ?

It worked!

thanks a lot

I purchased the DJ 2 app from the Apple app store today. Installed this onto my iPad 4 and went into settings and tried to use my Spotify Premium account. No go. In settings and under library only thing listed is iTunes Store. Choose USA and then after backing out of that setting I say Spotify but a box is showing me Log out of Spotify. I did log out of Spotify, no change. I use Facebook to get into Spotify, tried going into Facebook, remove te Spotify app, even reset my password on Facebook and logged into Facebook using my new password but still, your app simply does not do what is advertised. I bought this app simply for Spotify to be used for my library. Spotify will not let me log in any other way than Facebook. Please help me chance my opinion on your software and support.

That seemed to work. I also purchased the DJ app for Mac. Does this integrate with Spotify too?

Please help, spoify keeps on logging me out of the DJ app. Every single time, I exit out of the app, and go back on, I need to log back in… I use my Facebook acount but it still won’t work… Any suggestion

I just downloaded D Jay Pro on my MacBook. I am a premium Spotify user. However, Spotify and D Jay Pro won’t connect. I don’t know what to do.

When I Go Into Spotify To Try To Log In Is Says Premium Account Needed Plz Help I Really Want To Make Some Mixes This Makes Me ReallY Sad Plz Help :frowning:

I am having the same problem. When I go into my djay 2 app and try to open up Spotify there is nothing coming up. When I go into the settings and open up library then it shows iTunes and I open that and click United States and when I go back it shows Spotify on there but when I go out of the settings and try to push the music button to pull up the Spotify option it does the same thing. I am using an iPhone 6.