Spotify is gone, right? New rules from Spotify!

Spotify is no loner permitted to be used in professional dj software, per Spotify.

Another reason for dj’s to buy their music and not reply on internet!…

Glad I don’t use it… I own my music.

I am not risking it, that’s for sure.

Lukas, may I suggest that you have Spotify release a statement clarifying that it is not legal to use for professional use, unless you are using DJAY Pro… Not sure how it’s good for one and not the other but I would cover my tracks, if I were you.

Hey there,

the mentioned article is not applicable about DJing in general, therefore, djay is not affected.

Algoriddim has officially partnered with Spotify to give users seamless access to the streaming service from within our apps, with the ability to mix multiple tracks at the same time and the full functionality you’d expect from modern DJ software. This integration is official and available to all Spotify Premium subscribers.

Cheers,Lukas E.

If this is true be a nail in the coffin for algoriddam as they rely a lot on Spotify being integrated into their software.

Having original copies or hardcopies, if you will on your local drive, is the safest path to ensure that your tracks play, when cued to do so. However, if they are used for monetary gain as Mark T. has noted above, you are in a more precarious boat, then when your sailing with DJ Pro (if you will), and streaming Spotify licensed tracks.

In this way, Spotify is potentially culpable, and not it’s end-users.

Spotify polices are clear, premium user are licensed to stream their hosted songs through various Algoriddim DJ software offerings.

Algoriddim DJ is on a solid foundation.

You purchased your music to be used for personal use. You do not own Your Music as per the Digital Milemium Act/Copyright Act…and since you do not OWN your music or posses Copyrights to Any Songs/Albums you play in Public , Your Paid Gigs are now considered used for Monetary Gain which has some pretty serious Fines and Fees depending on your location/region.