Spotify Loading Error

I am having trouble today for the first time with Spotify items loading. Either - I get an error that the song cannot load and it says to check my internet - or the song take a couple of minutes to load.

I didn’t know if there was an issue this morning with Spotify loading in the DJAY app. spotify is working fine in the spotify app.

Any thoughts? Help?

Few questions. Who is your provider, are you sure you have not gone over your data package? Do you have any FREE SPOTIFY promo’s or anything? I remember T-Mobile offering free streaming but it affected performance in the DJ applications…

The fact that the issue started and ended on its own pretty much eliminates the chance Djay was to blame… Which is a good thin in terms of it being reliable but I can understand the frustration of it not helping with the diagnosis of what actually DID cause the issue.


are the problems still occuring?

Cheers,Lukas E.

I have the same issue. Randomly. Usually. On slower interneren speed connections (10mbs)

the probably seems to be resolved. It ONLY happened for a few hours the morning I posted the problem. Like I said - I’ve used Djay a lot - and that was the first time I had had anything like that happen !? Must have been a fluke. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for the replies…