Spotify login not responsive

For some reason after randomly being signed out of Spotify on the DJ app, when I sign in to Spotify through Facebook, and am successful, I am not redirected back to the DJ app to choose songs, instead I am greeted with my Spotify profile and the only thing I can do is look at my Spotify account into, or click “cancel” and sign out of Spotify on the app. Meaning that I can’t use Spotify on the app anymore :frowning:

Hi Liam

Thank you for contacting the Algoriddim Support Team. Sorry to hear about this issue with Spotify and djay.

Our development team is currently looking into this issue and hopes to have a solution for this soon. Thanks in advance for your patience.

As a workaround in the meantime, if you log in to Spotify Premium in djay using the email / password log in, you should have full access to your Spotify library in djay. If you’ve never logged in to Spotify in this way and have only used the Facebook login, you may need to reset the password for your Spotify account. You can do so by following these instructions from the Spotify support site.

Create a Spotify password to log in without Facebook:

  1. Go to Spotify’s password reset form.
  2. Enter the email address registered to your Facebook account.
  3. Continue through the steps to create a password for the account.
  4. You can now log in by entering your Facebook email address and the new password in the default log in fields.

Please let me know if this solution works for you. Sorry for the inconvenience. But hopefully this will get you connected again. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Lukas E.