Spotify login stuck


My djay pro gets stuck after trying to log to spotify. It just stays in the white screen and nothing happens. I have tried rebooting my machine and reinstalling the program. Im using windows 10 pro v.1903 and djay pro v. 1.0.27493.0


Sorry to hear that.

Are you able to right click and reload the window?

Lukas E.


I am sorry to hear that.

Can you please reinstall djay Pro for Windows and see if that solves the issue?

Thank you in advance.


Sorry to hear that that did not help.

Are you able to login to Spotify in your Browser following this link:…


Are you using the same Internet connection with your desktop and laptop?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Nicoll,

Thank you for getting in touch.

The Spotify login window white screen should be fixed now.

Do you still experience this issue? Which internet connection are you working with?


Lukas E.


Hello it’s been sometime since the last response

Yeah I have tried that many times now.

Yes I am

So nothing is helping. I have tried to reinstall the program several times and log in to spotify with facebook and spotifys own log in information. I can get the software to work properly on my laptop but not on my desktop. The problem still exists. It logs in but then it gets stuck on the loading screen as I have put a screenshot on this thread. Pleas help me.

Yes I am

i have this issue, have tried reinstalling, even tried installing the demo and same issue, white screen cant click on it to reload just has the dots in a circle. please fix 

yes I still experience this issue on two seperate wifi networks and also the 4g network I use as my main network. 

mostly  it just stays on the white screen, sometimes it returns this error
i downloaded the app to this computer 1 week ago and signed into spotify then with no issue on the 4g network, about 4 days ago spotify tracks stopped loading, i decided to sign out and try and sign in again and have been getting this error ever since regardless of the network .