Spotify not Connecting

DJAY 2 or DJAY PRO APP on IPAD… Spotify is not working. You can log-in in your Spotify premium account, but you cannot load songs. I checked with Spotify, and they say that is an issue with the app… can you help?


Spotify Login Error
Cannot Connect to Spotify (8)


Do you happen to have T-Mobile?

Yes it is. This is a known issue that exists for subscribers of t-mobile and unlimited streaming plans. The issue is between Spotify and t-mobile and unfortunately nothing Algoriddim can do about it until it is addressed.

To be more Specific, songs from Spotify are not loading when Ipad is using data from phone service provider… if Ipad is connected to WiFi, songs loads well with no issues. I called phone service provider, and they confirmed that I have plenty of data available on my account, and that nothing service in my accunt in the last month (when issue began).
Same issue happens on DJAy 2 app in Ipad.
I also have the DJay 2 app on the iPhone and it works well on the iPhone… both using data or WiFi.
I also checked with Spotify, they said that my account is fine, infact I can see all my playlists on the DJay App… but I cannot load songs.
Please Help

Yes, it works with the iPhone and Verizon, but not on the iPad with TMobile… do you think it’s a TMobile issue?