Spotify Not Updating


Love Djay Pro! However, when I update my lists on spotify (add or delete) it does not update in Djay Pro. I have tried the refresh playlists. Still no help. Any solutions?


Hi Matt,

Do you mean that you add or delete a new playlist or add/delete songs from existing playlists?

In the first scenario, ctrl-click on any of the playlists on the left and select “Reload all playlists”.

If you’ve edited a particular playlist, ctrl-click on that playlist and select “Reload playlist”.

Hope this helps.


The Playlists on spotify do not match the playlists in Djay pro. How do I make it so the playlists match in Djay pro? There are several more in Djay Pro than spotify. Check it out:

Hi Hamid Noroozian,

have you tried refreshing the djay Pro library, you do so via Shift + cmd + R.

Lukas E. 


I have the same problem.

How do you refresh on an ipad?

*Sorry, a bit of background… I’m working on creating playlists on Spotify, on my imac. I have my Ipad next to me, with DJ Pro on the Ipad, linked to Spotify. But my playlist is not updating from my selections made on my Imac. So i’m unsure how to refresh the Spotify playlist from within DJ Pro.

Library > Refresh Library