Spotify not working in Mac trial- also offline availability? Want to make sure before buying. Thanks!

Hi, I have two quick questions:

Firstly, I just downloaded the trial of DJAY 2 and I’m super stoked that it’s able to work with my pioneer controller, speakers, headphones, no problem. I mean, I had to adjust some settings but I got there in the end. HOWEVER. The whole reason I downloaded the trial was to make sure I could use this Spotify integration thing, which by the way I have a forum post on Spotify’s website from about 7 years ago asking for exactly this feature. Anyway, I go to login to my Spotify account and of course, it doesn’t work. The drop down menu that appears when you click on “Login to Spotify” just shows up as a white box. Wondering what the fix is for this because I don’t think it’s blocked on the trial, and I don’t think that paying a 50 will solve the problem like magic. So I need that to be answered.

My second question is simpler: can I play offline-downloaded songs from Spotify using the app if I’m disconnected from Wi-Fi? Obviously I should be able to but I still want to make sure because I need that to work as well. If I have made a playlist available offline on my account and it is saved to my computer/phone/ipad I need it to be able to play without connecting to Wi-Fi. Just really hoping that any DRM encoding is read from the downloaded Spotify files and that DJAY isn’t just streaming songs from the internet.

Anyway, kindly answer these questions. If you’re a forum mod or Algoriddim Support manager I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

Need Spotify premium… and negative to offline spotify (unless there is a workaround) … when i have no connection i use my itunes playlist instead…on my ipad …i also have it on my hp spectre so can access all my mp3’s… only had one instance where i lost wifi, on a super yacht out at sea…5 minute blackspot.
Great DJ App…i play 3-4 nites a week and can throw in the most random songs…eg last werkend Bollywood…spotify search top hindi dance songs 2018 = bingo!!!

@corey pryor Thanks bro, I have spotify premium I think it has to do with my internet settings. I’m assuming the drop down box goes through safari but I have popup windows enabled in preferences and also always allow cookies etc. Will look more right now.

No offline that kind of blows though…I think it’s still worth getting and just having a back up library for no connection times. Although I can always just switch over to my phone in those cases and use the LTE and djay app.

Yep same, just a blank box when you click login with Spotify. Had installed it on another Mac fine last month, was literally just about to buy it – good job I checked first :frowning:

What version of OSX is everyone on? Just tried it on my iMac on High Sierra and it works, but not on my 2009 MacBook Pro on El Capitan.

Also, can we move this to ‘problems’ rather than ‘questions’? Seems like quite a serious bug!

I’m almost certain it will be from my test. Doesn’t help me as my Mac can only run up to El Capitan. Website says Djay Pro 2 runs with OS X 10.11, but looks like Spotify login is broken :frowning:

i am having the same issue here, however i DID just buy it… HELP

hey! have you found a solution to this?

Hey Rich,

Thanks for the response. That is VERY interesting. I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) running El Capitan and it is not working. I wonder if I switch to High Sierra if that will be the answer to all our problems.

Regardless, I agree with you, I have moved this to the problems section. Can you give it a star so it can possibly get some traction with the Admins?

Thanks again.

I am in the process of updating to High Sierra, I will let you know if this is the answer to my issue as well.

Rich, Just to confirm, this did solve my issue. Hopefully Lukas E, the admin can still assist.

Can I ask what specifically your process was? What mac are you running it on and specifically what build of High Sierra OS are you running?

same with the spotify problem, it’s not about premium I already have it and I have the connection but the page is just blank :frowning:

didn’t solve it for me though :frowning: