Spotify over 3G UMTS

Hello, My experience with Spotify via DJAY 2 is, that it works well with WLAN/WIFI but NOT via my mobile connection. Even if I have 4 out of 5 points in the 3G/UMTS connection there it says Error 128 opening OGG Vorbis File - Datei konnte nicht geöffnet werden. Why ?
best regards

Joerg Gebauer

Hi Warren, well it happened to a variety of songs I tried. Just now at home I tried again and it worked perfectly, even though at home I only have one out of five points 3G and even when I “locked” the iPad 2 into my Numark IDJ Pro controller. So I’ll let you know when the error message turns up again - thank you Jörg

Hi Jörg,

Does this happen to all songs when you’re on 3G? Can you load the same songs when using WiFi?

I have been using the IDJPRO controller with a Gen2 Ipad via a Verizon Hotspot for well over a year now with very little to no problems. Just this past weekend while doing a gig via the hotspot (on a Mardi Gras float in a parade in New Orleans) I started receiving the 128 ERROR “opening Ogg Vorbis file”. Loading songs via Spotify was very restricted and did not work 90% of the attempts. Have you resolved this issue on yours??