Spotify Playback Error

Hey Algoriddim supporters,

I lately purchased Algoriddim DJ Pro for Windows, but I found out that when I play a Spotify song - the song runs until like 2min and then it quickly starts from begin on again. (Using a Pioneer console)
This makes mixing impossible for me.
I hope you can fix this issue soon, as the Spotify integration is the thing that makes your program outstanding!

Best regards
Philipp H.

Hey Philipp,

thank you for your mail. Is it possible that all your tracks restart at 2:32?

Yep, exactly.

I think I found a “solution”, the track would only restart if you have the countdown timer until the track ends.
It doesn’t happen if I’d go with the normal timer, which starts with 0:00.
Not a perfect solution, but it works at least.

What is the solution to this? Lukas? I have the same problem.