Spotify Playlist don't analyze

If I’m in a new spotify playlist and click Library-Analyze. Dj pro 2 give me the message that the playlist been analyzed already. It’s very time consuming to drag track by track to the players to get them analyzed. Have anybody experianced the same problem or have any solution?


Yeah, this unecessesarily complicates organizing playlists in your library with songs from Spotify and iTunes in one place.

My primary reason for upgrading was to avoid having to switch back and forth from Spotify to DJ to create my setlists. Now I have to load all the songs in my set lists one at a time to get the key and BPM.

Please enable this feature in DJay Pro 2.

Hi there,

you can analyse a whole playlist by clicking the drop down menu of the displayed amount of tracks in the playlist.

Hi there,

please note that pre-analysing Spotify playlists is not supported in the Spotify integration.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi there,

we are very sorry but this feature was implemented in djay Pro 1 by mistake.

Therefore, we can not implement it in djay Pro 2.

Cheers,Lukas E.

So, algoriddim actively decided to remove the feature analyze spotify playlist on the ‘new version’?
This is really annoying. Please fix this problem.

Thanks Lukas, i don’t see any drop down option for spotify playlists. Only iTunes playlists? Plus iTunes playlists works to analyze true Library-Analyze. But Spotify playlists can only be analyze by drag and drop single tracks to player. What do you recon i can do?


Do you plan to bring an update so that feature is avaiable again?
It was possible with Djay Pro 1, I still have to stick with Djay Pro 1 because I really need this feature.


Hi Lukas,

If you play the song once, Will it remember the key and bpm forever? Also after shutting down?


I find this very bad news! Expect to have pre-analyse fixed by now in DJ Pro2. As was said earlier.
Now there is no use for me and will have to keep using DJ Pro1.

Bit lame answer to say it was a mistake, it is a mistake not to implement it again, many need it badly like me!