Spotify playlist Folders don't work with djay Pro? They are ignored.

I have round about 100 Playlists in my Spotify Account.
They are sorted in sections like NEW, BEST OF and very different Styles like HIP-HOP OLDSCHOOL, HIP-HOP NEW, ELECTRO, ROCK, POP, ALTERNATIVE etc…

But in djay the doesn’t show up?
When i go to the spotify playlist section all my playlists are listed without the sorting i explained above.
The big Problem is now finding the right song in the right playlist is a horror without the folders because now i have to scroll through all my playlists… It would be so much easier for example to find a HIP-HOP OLDSCHOOL song if i would only open the 10 playlists in this folder than scrolling hundreds of lists to find the right one…

Any idea i can show my spotify playlist folders in djay?


any news about this feature request ?
right now it’s very hard to find playlist …
no news since one year ?

hmmmmmm OK, thanks for your Info!

@algoriddim: do you have plans to change this behavior?
Would be so important…


This is unfortunately true. 
We are not able to provide a folder structure due to that.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Cheers,Lukas E.

This is a know issue that I have raised with support and the reply was ‘this is a know issue in high demand that we are working hard to resolve’ so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
I really hope this doesn’t take a year, I think working with a third party like Spotify has its limitations which I can understand but users are becoming frustrated at the simple things so it would be appreciated if Algorithm can sort them a bit more promptly.

I have about 120 playlist at the moment like
my_dj_stuff with subfolders like
-1 st subfolder “HITS by release year”
–80’s with subfolders like
---- pop/rock
---- heavymetal
---- disco/dance

  • 2nd subfolder “genres” with subfolders like
    – acidjazz
    – eurobeat
    – reggae
    – mainstream pop/dance
    – mainstream edm
    – house
    – trance
    – techno

Even the genres might have subcategories…
and also I have a huge subfolder
-3rd subfolder “Following” ie. playlist which I follow
– weekly

This folder thing is the main reason I might not purchase the djayPRO license.

I checked spotify api, and it looks like there is no functions to fetch/read folder structre data from spotify for 3rd party use.