Spotify Playlist Tracks Not Availble

I’ve created a playlist using Spotify on my PC combining Spotify owned tracks, plus some of my local tracks.

Most of the playlist is playable from the iPad djay 2 app, but there are a few local tracks that aren’t.

The tracks that cannot be played are greyed out and when clicked on the following message appears:

Track Not Available
The Spotify track is not available in your country.

I can play the complete playlist using the Spotify iPad app, so the message doesn’t make sense.

Is there something I am missing?

Thanks for an awesome product.

I am in America and all of the tracks in my playlist are real tracks from Spotify not from my local machine or anything I imported. What gives?

Please name the country you’re in and the list of affected tracks so we can take a look. Thanks!

Hi Nik,

djay cannot access the tracks that you add to Spotify yourself. You can only load “real” Spotify songs. As for your local files, I recommend syncing via iTunes to your iPad, then you’ll be able to play them in djay.

im getting the same problem if I go to history and try to play the songs I played recently all of them say they cant be played in this country???

Hi I have this problem in Australia.
An example is Taylor Swifts Shake it Off purchased via iTunes and added as a Local File into Spotify. It will play on the Spotify ipad app but Djay 2 app gives the following message.
"Track Not Available
The Spotify track is not available in your country. "

I am having the same problem too and they are my own tracks

djay for iPad and iPhone supports all songs nowadays sold on the iTunes Store (called “iTunes Plus”). However, older DRM-protected songs are not supported. To play older DRM-protected songs please upgrade your existing songs to iTunes Plus in the iTunes Store.

I am having the same problem except it is with songs from the iTunes Store. Basically, I have a soundtrack (Portal 2) that will have some songs that work and others that say they are DRM-protected or unavailable. I think they are unavailable because if they were DRM-protected it would be the entire soundtrack.

Because all the music from Spotify is encoded in the DRM-protected format so you cannot directly use it on Djay pro. Maybe you can download Spotify music to your computer using a Spotify music downloader and then use Spotify music with Djay pro directly. Or if you have a Premium account, you can also access Spotify music on Djay pro.

I am having a problem where I can see the song in Djay app on my Mac book and play the song but when I move it to make a playlist in Djay it says the track is not available.