Spotify Playlists are missing in DJay2 app but are there in Spotify App

I am having a major issue. I have playlists that are in my main Spotify App that aren’t syncing with my Djay 2 app. I have attached a screenshot. I have removed the Djay 2 app and reloaded it…no luck. I have un-sync’d my Spotify account with the Djay 2 app and re-sync’d it…no luck. Please help.

Hi Tim,

I replied to your email as well. Do you mind if continue this in either email or forum? You can choose… :slight_smile:

Either way is fine Warren. I just wanted to make sure it was addressed asap since I have shows coming up.

I have the same problem - can you please make the answer/advice public so that we can solve it. Thanks.

Warren I am also having the same problem. Can you tell me how to fix it?