Spotify Playlists are missing!

I just purchased DJAY2 for the first time, and have a major issue… Nine of my Spotify Playlists that I created are showing. Is this a know issue??

The “support” haven’t solved/answered it yet!


Hi Patrick,

Do the missing playlists have anything in common? Also which device do you have?

I have the same problem and am hoping that you can make the advice to fix it public - it will save time. Thanks

I also have the problem with Spotify playlists (I see them, but I can’t open them) with DJay 2 on Android!

Response when trying to open a playlist is:
Error when loading music
—a reload icon—
403: You don’t have permission to perform this action.

I’m able to open subscribed playlist from other people, but not my own.

Have you tested following?:

  1. “Native” Spotify accounts (i.e. not through Facebook)
  2. Spotify accounts with foreign characters (like ÅÄÖ) in the username
  3. Passwords with foreign characters (I have an “ö” in mine)

When trying to connect Djay to my Spotify account through Chrome, it attempts to open a page with following URL: djay-iphone-2://spotify-auth?code=…
From an Android tablet!?

Hope you fix it!