Spotify Search NOT Working!

I have a Spotify Premium account. However, when I do a search for an artist, and click on that artist or click on “Show all artists” or “Show all albums”… I get nothing! It highlights it in green, I click, I double click… nothing. If I search a song by it’s title, I’ve, so far, had luck searching that way, but sometimes I can’t remember the exact title and would love to be able to have a more expanded search capability.

Hi Alex Taylor,

we are sorry to hear that, can you tell us which macOS you are running with?

Lukas E.

I have the same problem.
In search window can not click on artist, playlist or album. To find a song, it is necessary to write a complete artist and song title.
It started after the last 1.3.1 update
My Mac OS 10.9.5

Hello Lukas,

I am running Mac OS 10.9.5

I did finally realize that I can click and drag directly from Spotify onto the dJay decks… So that was a relief! I’ve got a little Halloween party shindig coming up and was having a mild panic attack thinking I couldn’t access all of Spotify’s search capabilities.

Also, I am supposing that if I want to install the software on a separate laptop, I’d need to purchase the software again…?

Alex T.

I guess I should have added that I still would love to not have to flip back and forth from Spotify to dJay Pro… So any help getting djay Pro to search Spotify correctly would be great!