Spotify session suddenly stops

Hi, i just downloaded DJay2 for ipad, but I noticed that suddenly my session on spotify just log out and I have to enter again. And after that I open the app I have to log in again in order to see my playlists on spotify. I hope you can help me


Thanks for contacting us.

* Which iOS version do you have on your iPad?
* Which djay version are you using? Please tap the gear icon and scroll down to determine the version number.
* Do you have the Spotify app on your iPad? If yes, please check if the same thing occurs there.

What are your Safari settings? Please upload screenshots so we can compare and look for any similarities. Also, are you all using the Facebook login option?

Are you logged in through the systemwide Facebook login option (Settings > Facebook)?

This problem is now 19 DAYS OLD and STILL not resolved!!! These guys need this fixed for them to MAKE A LIVING…


Come Warren, get someone to get this fixed. This is EXACTLY what I am talking about. Other software would be tested and fixed within 24 hours!

Same problem here

For those that have 2 factor security enabled on Facebook it makes this even more inconvenient.

Would that cause me to have to login repeatedly?

just removed 2 factor security from FB and now DJay2 logs in reliably.


Thanks for the support,

* iOS Version: 8.1.1
* djay verision: 2.6.1
* Yes, I have the spotify app on my iPad and I don’t have any session problem on it, actually never faced this issue before on Spotify app (sotify version

Thanks in advace,


Any update on it?


Those are my Safari Settings,

And yes I’m using Facebook login option.



Yes I’m logged with Facebook Login Option

I may be experiencing a similar issue as well. Same versions, iPhone 6. Open Djay 2, chose Spotify, Safari opens, I login with Facebook, close page, and Djay 2 works with Spotifi fine until closed or crashes. Once reopened, need to do the whole Spotify login bit all over again. And this happends every time app is opened. This was not the case initially when I had 7 day free trial. Once upgraded to premium, issue began. May not be related. Any advice appreciated.

So am I, I have the same update for the iPad and on the app but it still keep in logging me out

This is really some crap… Payed like what 12$ for this app and now it doesn’t work, like seriously, I agree with scot, other softwares that actually care about what customers say would actually have this issue solved within 1-2 days max. If this company doesn’t make some improvements, forget it, I’ll ask iTunes for me money back and buy an app that’s useful… This is a real mess

Listen, I use this app for my church to dj, and I expect more from this app. If I canf dj with a DJ APP! Then what’s the sense!

No, it’s been like what 2 weeks, and this stupid company doesn’t give a crap about this issue

Thank you algoriddim, with the new update, my problem has been reseloved

Played a gig last night, had to log in 6 separate times. If I went track for track it was ok but if i let it sit for 3 minutes while playing a song from my computer into my mixer, when I went to look for another song, the Spotify library was unavailable until logging in again.
using facebook login.
iOs 8.1.1
djay 2(Red) (I wish I didn’t update the icon being red is annoying) 2.7.1
Spotify Premium > app has never logged my out since I bought the ipad 2 weeks ago
logged into facebook app systemwide > app has never logged me out since I bought the ipad 2 weeks ago

Same software versions, same settings, having to log in via facebook as well and having the same issue. ipad mini 2, iOS 8.1.1.