Spotify songs freeze on iPad with Djay Pro when losing internet connection

Spotify songs freeze on iPad when you are playing them and lose internet connection. Before they didn’t stop and they shouldn’t because I can see the whole song waveform loaded. This is happening on 2017 iPad, with latest iOS and latest Djay PRO.
Last night on a gig was very embarrassing as suddenly the song stopped playing despite I could the the whole color waveform loaded, so I was quiet as I thought the song loaded properly, then I realized the problem was in losing internet connection. Please fix this as it’s a big fail, I’m not quiet anymore playing Spotify songs with iPad and Djay Pro.

I just did a dry run on iphone 8 plus with the latest ios 11, using the Pioneer DJWego4 and a downloaded spotify playlist. It seems that every other song was freezing, and could only be unfrozen by switching to a different track.

I have a gig coming up, and I’m afraid this software is going to make me a laughing stock!

Experienced this too with latest iOS update.

Hi there,

I am very sorry to hear that.

Can you guys send us exemplary videos of the issue via

That would help us a lot.

Exactly the same here yesterday night 5 times during a 2 Hours set. It is painful. With religion mixtour freshly bought.

Reloop mixtour. Autocorrection :wink: