Spotify, spinning disc ERROR

Sometimes while I’m DJing with djay and using Spotify to play my playlists, when it’s trying to load another track into the new track it will just keep spinning. Or it will play the song mega super fast! Then it begins trying to load 0293840 tracks into the next song spot! I have to resort to iTunes quick and shut everything down and restart DJAY & log out of spotify. It has totally made me have silent “oh shit” panics while I’m trying to run a dinner at a wedding. I can’t have that, so I’m trying to figure it out before 2 events this weekend. If anyone could help that’d be amazing. I just need DJAY & SPOTIFY to work in unison 100%.


Ive been having the same problem,and its saying to check my internet connection. but i have internet connection…is this a resent bug? I also need it to run with djay and spotify without bogging out

I have re-tried with a new comcast router seem to have temp fix the problem. But is there a way that DJAY software could not lock up on spotify after it tries to find a song

Are you guys absolutely sure that your internet connection was alright? You might try streaming a song via the Spotify website to have a check on that.

Same thing with the internet connection