Spotify Still Working?

I just opened up my DJay Pro app on MacOS and Spotify still seems to be working… anyone else?

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Yes. Mine is also. In iOS On my iPad and iPhone. On my laptop Djay is not yet updated for Catalina. (Tapping toe)

Yeah same here… Some of the Playlist options seem to have gone though (date added)…

Me too. Spotify still working. Don’t know how or why inspite of the Algoriddim notice, but it’s still working. Hope it keeps that way, I just renewed my membership the last month.

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According the notice at the bottom of the djay Pro for Mac app it says, “djay users have up to 90 days from July 1st to choose a new supported service”. So it may continue working up to September 29th. Remember that this change is NOT controlled by Algoriddim. It is Spotify that is making the change and you can complain to them about not supporting 3rd party DJ apps.


Thank you for this info :slight_smile:

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Is it worth paying a subscription??

I’m running djay pro 2 and when I scrolled down to where the Spotify logo was and clicked on it and was surprised to see it still working. Little nervous to use it while doing an event, don’t want it to crash or stop working, that would suck a Twinkie!:scream:

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It still gives me the option to sign in, however i dropped my subscription for tidal. I am tempted to go back to spotify

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Mine was working until my iPad updated to IOS 14. Now it has disappeared from Djay.

At least on macOS 2.2.7, no dialogs to do login anymore.

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Thanks for the info. I just turned off my automatic updates on my IPad
Before it did version 14. Hopes this keeps Spotify working.


I have a gig tonight. I am transferring my music through tidal but Spotify is still an option on djay. Wondering if I don’t update if it will still work later. Lol. I messed with it on djay and seems to still be working. Pray for me.

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And last weekend while using the sound was pitching up and down a fair bit - like the streaming Quality had been throttled perhaps?

Sadly Mines Finally grayed out grayed today, along with an error message lol - IOS

Don’t even wanna my Win.Version after that smh.
It’s crazy cuz I actually thought I was getting away with something.

In my opinion Spotify was the best thing to happen to the DJAY platform thus far!!

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Was the one thing that brought on customers. Now that they rely on the SAME platforms as everyone else I have no reason to continue use. Although the new Pro DJ Link (Pioneer) update is a pretty serious win IMO.

I managed to have Spotify working up till 2.2.7 (macOS). I also found out what triggers the blackout of Spotify. iCloud syncing. When you have a OSX backup (TimeMachine) you are able to restore both 2.2.6 / 2.27 and Spotify functionality. I tried a week ago. BUT. FIRST turn on iCloud syncing, as -as far as I can tell now- that triggers the TIDAL. By the way, for a Dutch DJ, TIDAL sucks sucks sucks. What a shit.

In my humble opinion: TIDAL sucks since you can not search for playlists, as you can in Spotify.
I wonder if we ever get to know whether it was Spotify to pull the plug or Algoriddim. (did they pay for connectivity or some sort of license?) I will go back to 2.2.7 on Mac with Spotify enabled.

Business is business, as we can’t even know what kind of agreements Spotify has between record companies. My guess is that record companies forced Spotify to end supporting all dj apps.

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