Spotify tracks not loading & freezing constantly.

There are so many topics related to this already but I can’t find any straight answers.

Just bought djay pro. Been using fine for half an hour - now spotify tracks are taking minutes to load or not at all. If they do load they freeze constantly.

There is nothing wrong with my internet connection or spotify - all running fine when I shut down djay.

This was not a cheap purchase for me and I’m not happy with performance at all.

If this is a regular issue and there is no straighforward fix by tomorrow I want my money back and wont be bothering with this again.

Very disappointing.

I have had this problem for 2 months. I have posted about it in more detail.

Thanks for finding a possible work around, and guess what, I’m in Adelaide so you may well be right. At this stage I’m not sure how to connect to a different city but I will look into it, do I have to pay for a VPN?

So far this is working for me, thanks for the help. I still don’t understand why this would happen. Using Tunnel Bear atm. Also it seems to happen during off peak too.

Hopefully spotify will fix this issue.

I’ve managed to find a work around that gets my tracks loading when this happens. Its not ideal but it works.

It appears that this is a spotify problem.

Although spotify application, itunes and my internet is very strong - it appears that there is a much higher bandwidth required to run spotify through djay (which makes sense as mulitple tracks need to load and be analysed very quickly). It may also be that spotify is prioritising bandwidth to standalone spotify users during busy periods (not sure if this is possible).

Anyway it appears that many people in my city (Melbourne, Australia) experience bad spotify speeds in periods of high demand such as the evenings, especially through djay. This might have something to do with them not having a local server!

I believe I have proven this issue at least in my case because if I activate my VPN and connect to a server in say Europe or USA, functionality comes back completely and tracks load just fine (albeit track information can lag a little due to delay from connecting to the other side of the world).

So I have decided to take this up with spotify & leave algoriddim alone for now. After all I am paying a premium subscription but they don’t feel the need to provide adequate servers to a city of 4 million people? Not happy.

Have a look at where you are located and try connect to a major international city with spotify servers next time this happens, maybe you have the same problem.

No worries I hope this gives you a result.

You can get a trial run of most VPN’s before you buy. At least then you can see if it fixes your problem.

I’ve tried about half a dozen and I recommend ‘ VPN’ as they have a Melbourne server and easy switching between multiple countries. Pretty much the only service in Australia that provides decent speeds for activity such as torrenting.

If you don’t torrent files then ‘privateinternetaccess’ is affordable with a wide scope of international servers and I imagine will work fine through spotify.

Also good for watchingfree content of international equivalents of sbs on demand etc.