Spotify without wifi question!

morning all, this is my first post here.

If I’m using DJ pro somewhere without wifi, am I able to pre - download songs from Spotify that will make them available off line through DJ pro?

If so how do I do this? Is the most simple way to create a playlist on spotify and then add the songs I want and “make available offline” ?

If on the night a friend requests a song and I access spotify using a wifi connection is there any chance of the song stopping halfway through if the connection is lost??

I’m really worried so please someone advise!

Many thanks

At the moment it is not possible that you download tracks in DJay Pro from Spotify and use it offline without Wifi. And people request this for years. It has nothing to do with Allgorittm. Spotify does not allow it.

If a location has no wifi, I use my iphone to conect to the internet via LTE. Is is very relaible and 4 times faster then Wifi.

I hope that Spotify change their Usage Rights to allow Allgorithm the offline usage of the tracks.

spotify ist the best feature of DJay Pro. It makes the life of a DJ much easier. This is the Future.

You should talk to Spotify and Apple to develop a business Model and a technical Solution for DJ’s.

Pulselocker & Serato & Pioneer are on the right path. As a DJay i can use Tracks offline and it is legal to play the music in public.

I am still with Spotify & Djay Pro because Pulselocker does not have the Music I need. Spotify & Apple Music have.

The biggest problem is that it is not legal to play spotify music in public. Spotify does not have a busines model for this use case.

Thanks for this

So… In essence, if I have wifi somewhere, I can search for a song on Spotify and add it to a playlist but if wifi drops out it could stop half way through?

What would happen if I found a song on wifi and added it to play next? normally a song shows the wav of the song in colour (its greyed out when uploading)

If its in colour is there any chance of it stopping half way through?

If that makes sense?!

Sorry are you saying to use spotify on DJ PRO it HAS to be connected to WIFI?

It would have the already downloaded songs on my spotify account on my computer?

Sorry…so say a song is playing on deck 1, I then use wifi to find a song on Spotify, I then select this to play next on deck 2 and the WAVEFORM turns coloured…does that mean regardless of loss of wifi, DJ pro has theoretically captured the song and will play it 100%?

Also how do you mean the track can be stoppd for later play? Are you saying there is a way I can use WIFI to make them available even with a loss of wifi?


Spotify is NOT licensed for commercial use or to be used in public. There is one license structure for Spotify in which you CAN play music in commercial settings but it costs MUCH more.… but even this is NOT valid in regarding to DJing as seen in the FAQ http://help.soundtrackbusiness.soundt… :

“Additionally, our PRO licensing covers our service only. This means that if your venue uses music from another source, our license won’t cover it. This includes DJs, live music, karaoke, and jukebox use. Finally, our licenses exclude performance at locations that have an admission fee, subscriber fee, or a similar charge.”

These are facts and this was pulled directly from the source.


after the track was loaded (waveform colored) the track can be stopped for later play.

Lukas E.

Hey Chris Stocks,

Spotify offline usage can not be supported by djay due to “Sandboxing” a Spotify security feature.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Off course it’s legal to play spotify. The legal side should be handled by the venue or promotor. They should have some kind of agreement with the respective musical copyright organisation for playing music to their audience.