Spotify won't play without internet??

So my friends are getting married and I volunteered to throw the music together. I’ve used to free trial and real enjoyed it and before I buy it I want to be sure DJay Pro (1) will work in my situation. I’m waiting to hear back about an internet connection but I’ve read that the Spotify songs won’t play even if you have downloaded them all before hand. I’m making a playlist in Spotify and was planning on just pulling songs from there. I’m obviously new at this, they were just going to play and Ipod playlist and I was like Nooooooo you can do better than that! So i guess my question is, will it still work without internet and what are my options if it won’t.

Also, is it still the case that you can’t pre record a playlist if you’re using songs from Spotify??

Hey there,

please note that due to “sandboxing”, a security feature, apps have absolutely no access to each other’s workspace. This means that djay has no access to the songs you download in the Spotify app. These songs are only available for the Spotify app itself. djay currently has no way to support offline playlists but we are aware of this request and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out.

There is a work around which legally not allowed to divulge however why don’t you hook up your laptop to the internet either free wifi or piggy back on your phone. It’s not ideal and the bottom line is you can’t really really on djing live from the internet but do a dummy run see if it drops out

Hey Lukas,

Is sandboxing a problem just for iOS or for other platforms too?

It would be great, if djay2 would have access to the songs i have downloaded in the spotify app!!!

windows? If a track is fully loaded and playing , can it stop suddenly when the internet connection is lost for a short time?