Spreaker integration

Spreaker.com is a social broadcasting site, sort of an online radio station.

It would be great if djay integrated with Spreaker. Ideally, some additional features would be required in djay first:

  1. Ability to wiretap audio of other apps, eg. Skype This would allow guests or additional presenters to call via skype and then be broadcast as part of the show (ie. more of a talk show than a music show).

  2. Ability to manage one or two additional input sources, eg. from a mixing desk or other external device. Cheap hardware already exists, but currently djay doesn’t allow multiple inputs.

Note: For both 1 and 2 above, volume/monitor/mute controls would be needed for each input.

  1. Intuitive interface for integrating with Spreaker, eg. UI within dhay to set episode title, choose whether podcast or live broadcast, etc.