Standalone dj system

I’m having a little party in 2 weeks and I’m planning to put my laptop on my stereo and let Djay pro do all the work for me. I am new to Djay Pro and also not a DJ.
I have made a playlist with about 175 songs which should be enough for the evening. As auto beat matching isn’t working in DJay Pro, I sorted all tracks by BPM and use automix to play. This offcourse means the BPM wil slowly raise to a max at the end of the evening. What I still want to do:

  • change starting point of some tracks which have a long intro
  • put types of music a bit more together. (not disco and techno after each other)

My question is: Do I forgot anything or do I have to use any DJay option I overlooked? Any tips to set this up?

I know a DJ is much better, but I probably have to do it with just this setup.