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I want to use atomix for a party and noticed that some songs doesn’t work well with the auto mix. The good parts in the beginning that are slower the auto mix doesn’t want to play so it sets she start later in the song.
Also sometimes i want to play the song longer that the auto mix wants.

So my question is, how can I set a start point and also an end point on specific songs that will work on automix?

I have set a start point but the automix doesn’t care about it for me.

The settings I have is
“Start point “
“end point“ automatic

“Use start/end cue point if se = active


@Tommy_From_Soderholm my guess is that you have Maximum Song Duration turned on in the Automix Settings, but I’ll guide you through everything just in case.

  1. Go to Automix Settings
  2. Select Start / End settings near the bottom
  3. Make sure Start and End Points are set to AUTOMATIC
  4. Make sure “Use start/end cue points if set” is ON also
  5. Go back to the previous menu and select Maximum Song Play Duration and make sure this is turned OFF
  6. Now make sure to add the special Start and End Cue Points to each of your songs. The 2 special cue points are found in the Cue Points section under the Skip section.

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Thanks a lot, it was me 6 that fixed it for me:)
Best regards Tommy

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@Tommy_From_Soderholm you’re welcome. Glad that helped.

In macOS
Start / End points can be set:

  1. Graphically in Automix and One Deck view
  2. Or keyboard shortcuts:
    Deck 1 ctrl+alt/option Q (Start), W (End)
    Deck 2 ctrl+alt/option P (Start), O (End)
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Hey @Tommy_From_Soderholm

Thanks for posting in the Community for the first time!

It looks like @Slak_Jaw and @Michael_Wisniewski have answered your question.

Feel free to reach out in the Community should anything else come up. Have a nice day!