Start/End points in automix for djay for iPad/iPhone

Hi. When using automix I can set a cue point for the starting point of the next track. But is it possible to set an exact exit point where the next mix should start instead of 5,10,15 seconds from the end? Thanks.

I would think it’s a no brainer for a program that offers auto mix, that you can set individual in- AND out-points for every track. Without this feature I’ll have to change the out-point of a track at the original file in iTunes which is not only a bloody nuisance but a serious workflow in the original files.

Any hope for an update?

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In and out points for trackes in auto mix lists.

I purchased all three versions, iPhone, iPad and Mac for use at different size gigs. Had I known about the omission of this ESSENTIAL feature I would have waited or not purchased the software at all. Algoriddim really NEEDS to add IN & OUT cue points. I have a hard time understanding how this was left out of an otherwise excellent application!

Thought I’d check back about in and out cue points. Just downloaded and installed the latest update (4.2.2) and still don’t see them. I want to make the switch from traktor but not without in and out cues.



The end points are not available in djay for iPad at the moment.

Hi Joe,

This thread refers to the iOS versions.

djay for Mac already supports start and end points for Automix.

I love using the DJAY app on both the iPad and now also on the Mac since I just purchased the Vestax Spin console (Awesome!!). What I would like to see in addition to coloured waveforms is a simple IN and OUT marker to help mix songs automatically. This would be helpful so that in the case of two songs matched up on the decks, the software would know the upcoming outpoint of a playing song and the incoming IN point of a cued song and automatically start mixing the two. You could preset the best IN and OUT points for various songs and when you cue songs up, the transition would be seemless and in SYNC.

In addition, I think it’s great to have the WHITE CUE POINT marker on the main screen, but I hate having to dig around for the other coloured points. Why not set an unlimited number of cue points and have a drop down or slider to access which one you want off the main screen? The same could be done for OUT points once this feature is implemented.

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Agreed…this would really make the Automix function even more useful. Would love to see this in future iterations on Mac, iPhone and iPad. :slight_smile:

When will be this feature available for the IPad?

I am looking for this feature to be available as well on the iOS device however I have found that if you create the end point on your computer it will export to your library and work on your mobile app

Notice the Start Point, the Red Cue point and the End point is labeled in White … this was all done on my Mac Djay pro

Hope this helps until they add this feature to mobile version

Seriously the lack of this feature severely cripples use of auto mix on the iOS version

It’s been a year since this thread has started. Any news about the end point for Djay 2 for iOS?

I am looking, but cannot see end markers for app please point in direction if already available .
Due to dance floor that I dj for I need the timing correct for leads to take partner back to chairs, without compromising the dance floor with next track. Timing Is very specific between track ends and starts for Dance floors.

Cmon Algoriddim folks - give us a fade out on iPad. We have been asking for 2 years now.

Cmon!!! Still nothing why???

Any news on this?

I am using the app on iPhone.

I really would like this feature, especially in combination with auto mix (!) and spotify(!). Sometimes you have songs, where the start (eg. first 20 seconds) would kill the flow and therefore the party and at some others it is the end. Sometimes the songs are just too long what I would like to adapt.