START/END Points on iPad os

Hey There,
I was looking around in tutorials and forums and it seems like there is an option to set start/end points for the automix mode, but I can’t find how to do it.
I can do it on the Mac version, I tried to use the mac version and then airdrop it to my iPad but still no points on the iPad.

I wish I could have that or a threshold volume for an out point in automix (if the volume goes under a specific range in the last 10 seconds then start the mix)

Thanks for any reply.


Hi @Fridmanator,

Thanks for posting for the first time to the community!

By going into the cue point menu on the desired track you will see the option to Set Start and Set End a track which places start and stop cue points for Automix to read and playback from.

See the screenshot below for further reference.

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You saved me on this one!
I missed those buttons and I got an event that I really need that auto mix to be tight.

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