Start/Stop/Play button becomes unresponsive

Using Beatpad 2, sometimes the play button becomes unresponsive, even the keyboard shortcut for start/stop in the program wont work. The only thing that fixes is restarting djay pro. Anyone have a fix for this?

It’s occasionally happened to me with my Beatpad 2/ ipad2. All firmware and software up to date

Hi Tori1424,

we are sorry to hear that. How often does this happen approximately and is it only the Start/Stop button?

Lukas E.

Hey Peter,

are you using the latest version of djay Pro for Windows? 
Also which Windows version are you working with?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Have you checked our designated FAQ entry about the topic:

Cheers,Lukas E.

Yes, it’s just that button. Can’t really say how frequent it happens. Haven’t had a problem for a few weeks until last night. Did it twice in an hour, and then now again tonight.

I am having a similar problem with Beatpad 1. Sometimes pressing the button works, sometimes it doesn’t, other times it will start then stop straight away.

Awkward when beatmixing.

Using Beatpad 2 on Windows 10. Sometimes the left track play/pause button becomes unresponsive and the left track bottom left pad is almost always unresponsive. Beatpad shows that the signal is being sent so it looks like this is a problem with the Windows App.

The only fix right now is to restart the App and controller… I really want to purchase this software but this is a huge bug.

djay Pro - 1.0.24680.0 (trial version)

Windows 10 Home