starting automix should never stop the running track

sometimes starting automix suddenly stop the running track… i don’t understant when and why this happens… i think automix should at least warn if starting it kills the running track
could you explain us the logic or how we should start the automix with a running track please?

ok i understand, perhaps that’s the point : do you use the crossfader to detect the active track or the volume faders of both tracks ? i used to mix using the crossfader staying in the middle and i use volume faders of both tracks

ok . well as i don’t know really when the bad situation appears, i’ll try to reproduce it and open a new case. thanks for your answers!


Starting the Autmix will load a new track according to your Automix selection on the not active deck.

That way we make sure that the active track is not being stopped.

Is it possible that you are using several decks while starting the Automix?

A mix of Line and Cross Fader is being used. But if you still output some sound it can occur that one of the playing tracks is stopped.

That would be great. Thank you for your feedback,