Starting DJAI Pro without an Internet connection

I noticed that if I go to play a DJ set in a location that has no Internet or WiFi, I cannot start it. It wants to have a net connection to verify something on launch.

Does this match your experience?

What to do if I need to play in a remote location with no connectivity?

Would it be enough to start DJAI at home before leaving and have it ready and open on your iPad before going to play?

N.B.: I have noticed that in this forum many people have already reported this problem since 2015 (Potential disaster (couldn't open djay without internet connection) - #14 by Lukas_E) but there is no clear answer or solution that has been suggested in the now closed thread. So the issue is still there and we need some help to be able to use DJAI Pro also without an Internet connection.

If it was stated clearly among the requirements that DJAI Pro works only with an open internet connection, I would have considered alternative solutions.

Many thanks for your kind help and ideas on how to get around this.


Hi Robin,

Thanks for reaching out about this. In general, djay Pro AI should work on your device without the need for internet connection except for when using streaming services (e.g., TIDAL, SoundCloud, etc.). To use these with djay, a steady and stable internet connection is generally required.

Could you please share a screenshot of the error message you get when you said “It wants to have a net connection to verify something on launch”?

Could you also tell us which device you’re using, which OS version is running on your device, and what version of djay you’re currently using?

This information will allow us to take a closer look. Thanks in advance!

Hello Emily, thank you for your prompt and positive reply.

  1. I am not using or connecting to any streaming services. I only use music files readily available locally through my iPad

  2. I am using a new iPad (8th generation) 10" with iOS 14.4 and
    Algoriddim DJAI Pro ver 3.6.5

Screenshot of error message is here: Dropbox - Screenshot 2021-03-14 at 13.57.20.jpg - Simplify your life

N.B.: I have not received the error message again after having resolved the issue the first time. As the error message says (and I didn’t pay enough attention to it the first time around) it is about the first time, but it is also true that I have got it at least twice to be able to take the screenshot. So, at the moment I am not 100% sure that the issue is gone and won’t present itself again. Right now, after an iPad restart and no WiFi connection I can launch fine. If I find out new things I will report them here.

Thanks for sharing the additional information. It’s good to hear that you haven’t gotten the error message again after having resolved it the first time around, but it does seem like this is something that shouldn’t pop up more than once (if ever). If it should come up again, please feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

For now, our dev team has shared that this particular error message is a system alert, and therefore something that we don’t have control over. In case it should help, here is an article describing this type of system alert and some possible fixes: How to fix Unable to Verify App

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Just a thought…and I may be wrong as it’s only a thought….
Could the verifying notice come up around the date when your current subscription is due to renew?
Just a way of checking that you still have a valid sub and have the permissions to access the premium features?
If Apple has a record of your subs and due dates it would need a connection to verify that you had renewed….
I pay yearly and have never seen the message even though I open the app regularly with no connection. Maybe if you pay monthly, you’d see it more often?
Anyway, only a guess….I might be way off the truth!!

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