Static in headphones Reloop Buddy


I am using an ipad mini 5th generation with latest IOS update and I just downloaded and installed djay 3.8.

I hear significant static noise through my cue/headphones, although when a song is playing, it’s not noticeable. I initially unplugged everything, reset the app, and switched out my headphones and ipad power cable but it didn’t help. Then I noticed it happens whenever there is something happening on the ipad screen (which is always as the waveform moves on the screen) or when I am touching it. In the brief moments nothing is moving on screen, the static drops significantly.

If the ipad is not plugged to the controller, but the controller is connected to power, there is a very slight static tone I hear through the headphones

I don’t know. Is this an issue with the ipad or the Reloop Buddy controller?

Hi @Yoshikuya,

Thanks for posting this question in our Community.

To me, this sounds like a hardware issue. I don’t think it’s possible that your iPad would be causing noise on the pre-cueing output of your controller. Have you tried reaching out to the Reloop Support team about this?

Let us know what they tell you. If you have any other questions about djay, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Cheers, G