Static noise using djay2 and idj pro with ipad 2 or 3

Has anyone also had problems getting static from the idj pro with ipad 3? Seems to happen after a min or so. Switching power off and on clears for few min but comes back. Switching hardware off and on has same effect. Static will continue even after ipad disconnected from idj pro. Static through headphones too so it’s not speakers. Thought it maybe ground problem but power adapter plug straight into wall socket.
Doesn’t happen until ipad connected.
Tried ipad 2 and exactly the same
Tried with djay 1 - same
Don’t think it’s CPU as no other apps running.
May be since last update
Can’t use the idj pro at all now!
Anyone got any ideas?

Hi Dean,

thank you for your feedback.
Could you tell is in more detail which setup you are using,
which djay version, device, and operating system causes the static noise in connection with the idj pro?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Dean,

thank you for your follow up. Please contact us right away if you got feedback form the store.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

sadly we are still investigating the problem. The noises are reproducible but occur very rarely which makes the solution finding rather difficult.

It would be great if you continue sharing all your investigations regarding the static noise with us.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Lukas E.

Hi, I have the same problem, I have just returned this to the shop for review and possible replacement, from what I can gather this is a common problem I don’t seem to get much help from numark, its a pity because I really love this machine, do you have any updates,? have you contacted numark??

Hi Lukas , I think I have already spoken to you, the unit is only 2 months old, Idjpro2, lightning ready, running a new Ipad air 128GB iso 9.3.1 with Algoriddim 2.8.1 , dejay 2, currently back in the store and I’m waiting for feedback. Previous to this I had it setup in my house testing it everyday, static would happen from time to time but not everyday, turn it off and on and it goes away, so decided to take it back, I still really love but want a permanent fix, thanks

Hi, My Idjpro has just been replaced and the static is still happening, not sure where to go now, at least it go’s away when the unit is turned off/on or the hardware setting is turned off/on, I just wish there was a permanent fix


So I have a new Idjpro and the static problem is still intermittent, QUESTION…
When I turn everything on and off I turn the powered speaker’s on last and off first, as per the setup instructions, does it matter in what order the Idjpro and app is turned on/off??

Thanks, please let me know if a permanent fix is found, one thing I will mention that may help, last night I turned the unit on 4 times with 2 of those times the static happened, after the static happens and I turn the hardware setting on/off it fix’s it temporarily BUT the next time I turn it on after a static episode I get a louder than usual popping sound when turning the speakers on but then NO static, Its as if it clears something! ( hope I’m making sense )

My iPad mini 2 does this with a wego2. It seems like my problem has to do with my cell phone being close to the auxiliary cable/wego2/speakers/headphones. Haven’t nailed down exactly what it is but it seems to go away if i put turn off the cell signal on my phone and iPad. Not sure if this is the same problem you are having but seems similar. I haven’t found a good fix for this yet.