Steam Deck and Game controllers support !

I believe it would be great to have support for Valve’s Steam Deck, if not a full port and availability on the Steam store, at least full integration and mapping of all its built-in controls. I believe a full port would certainly be an immediate hit on Steam though, you could even imagine going VR then.

Also, for those who don’t have the chance to have one of these (still rare) units, general game controller support on all platforms would be awesome ! PS4/PS5/Xbox/Switch controllers should be mapped to the mixer, decks and FX controls.

I imagine myself on a home party, mixing with the steam deck connected over HDMI or just audio jack to a TV or a sound system while talking to friends.

I also easily see a use case of using just the game controller while the iPad or Mac sends the UI to the TV.

Very cool for home parties where you want to keep socializing while Djing.

Or you could use your phone?

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The idea here is to have actual controls you guess. Game controls could be very fun for DJing.