Stem separation fade/echo?

Will there be any plan to add fade/echo to the stems? For example instead of just turn vocals off, it echos or fades away. Same with the others -drums, melody and bass.

Unless its already capable of doing that and im missing something? Serato’s stems do this but I dont like Serato one bit lol

@MrG not only is the already possible with djay, it’s also way more flexible and powerful than Serato’s current implement (aside from stems split which djay can’t do).

Currently djay has 2 options for applying FX to STEMS: vía Instant FX pads and vía Manual FX. Here’s how to do it on iOS. The method is similar on macOS.

  1. Instant FX:



  1. Manual FX: djay has the ability to apply any of their FX to the entire track (Deck) or to the individual STEMS. This is where the real power is.


@Slak_Jaw you saved the day for me! I overlooked that 100%! I definitely appreciate you pointing it out. I will test and mess around with it today.


@MrG you’re welcome! Happy to help

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@Slak_Jaw so i been messing around with these settings all day. Question i have is when doing instant or manual, i dont find bass or harmonic to set it to in instant and in manual theres no bass to map it to just drums harmonic and vocals. Any clue?

@MrG Bass and Harmonics are essentially the same when using 3 Stems. However, you can change the 3 band Neural Mix from Drums/Harmonic/Vocals to Drums/Bass/Melodic. Once you do this, Bass will show up at the bottom of Manual FX.

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