Stems 2.0 Is this true? 🔥 When?

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a little bit more context might be helpfull.

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I put a link check it out… But i think links dont work IMG_9596|416x500

Link is here, for anyone interested.

I assume he’s just making an hypothetical example.

I agree that Phil is speaking hypothetically. Algoriddim doesn’t seem to share their plans with anyone. However, I’d be shocked if they weren’t working on an update to their Neural Mix algorithm(s). I suspect there will be no announcement until it actually launches.


Maybe that was a concrete hint, maybe not. Ultimately, the statement is that you should not suddenly change software just because another product is ahead in individual points at the moment. The market is constantly in motion, there will always be something that one software can do better than the other, but tomorrow it can already look different.

Stick with what you’ve got unless of course you’re using Traktor. Be another 2 years before they even catch up.

On this topic Phil was only speaking hypothetically. He just used djay as an example that’s all.

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