Stems echo out... Please!

Hello … please add this super handy feature… Check link to see it on serato 3.0

By the way… You still my number 1 software😜

@PRO24DJS you’ve been able to do this in Djay Pro AI for a long time. Select the Echo Out FX from the drop down when using Manual FX. Then at the bottom change the FX focus from Deck to Vocals. Works very similar to what Serato is now doing except you have WAY more controls and options than Serato is currently offering.


Oooh this is wicked… Thanks a lot :+1:

No problem. You’re welcome

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Is it possible to map that effect onto a pad? Vocal stem with echo out effect midi assigned onto one of the pads on my mixer just like in Serato? If anyone knows how please share :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks.

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OOOH YES ITS POSSIBLE!! Just go to the midi section select your pad… Edit the midi… Choose deck 1 and select effect fx 1 enebaled … Or the effect that correspond with the echo… Mine is efx 2…

Check my pic… Do the same for deck 2… One problem though… You have to always set the echo on the vocal all the time you start the software… I wish this could stay that way by default…:frowning::frowning:

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@BennyB @PRO24DJS your other option is to map the Instant FX to the pads on your controller and then edit the FX assignment to use Vocal Echo Out.

  1. Switch to Instant FX mode in Djay
  2. Select the pencil icon in the top right
  3. Select the 3 dots next to the FX you want to change
  4. Scroll down near the bottom in the Neural Mix section and select the Echo Out with the microphone icon.
  5. Then you just need to midi map the Instant FX to the pads on your controller/mixer.


This is great! Thank you very much :pray:t3:


You’re welcome @BennyB

I’m not near my controller but another thought is Djay’s ability to duplicate MIDI commands.

You set up the pad to perform the relevant midi command, you can then duplicate this command and amend the Midi function.

This allows you to press one pad and have two (or more) things happen simultaneously.

Anyway, as I said only a thought and it may not be suitable but worth mentioning.


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